2019 Jornada Digital Energy

25 SEP   Webinar: Solar Energy in Senegal

Senegal aims to strengthen its energy sector and reduce dependency on imported fossil fuels by 2025. Given its significant solar resources, it should come as no surprise that solar energy has ample room for growth in Senegal. In this webinar, experts on the Senegalese energy market will share key insights into the potential of solar energy in this market.

· Solar energy potential assessment: hear a realistic assessment of the contribution that solar energy could make to Senegal’s power system

· Regulatory overview: understand what regulations solar developers and the supply chain needs to comply with for grid-connected and off-grid solar plants in Senegal

· Case studies on solar project development and financing: international financial institutions and developers talk about their experiences in the Senegalese solar market and what funds are available now


Ciudad (Pais): Online (Online)

Página web: http://bit.ly/2MRY6P7

E-mail para más información: Araceli.gineratainsights.com

Teléfono: 673208672

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