2019 Jornada Digital Energy

22 MAY   Webinar Concentrating Solar Heat (CSH) solutions available today for carbon free industrial heat and steam generation

This webinar looks into how CSH technology is helping industrial players generate heat and steam cleanly. In this webinar you will learn how CSH could become a tool for companies to reduce their carbon footprint, save on fuel and benefit from a green supply chain.

  • Practical case studies – hear how industrial processes are benefitting from CSH already
  • Consider whether solar is a better source of heat than fossil fuels today, considering how companies are currently meeting their heat requirements
  • Understand which industries can benefit from CSH, including chemicals, food and beverage, mining, textiles, oil production, dairy, laundries, wood processing and many more
  • Calculate the payback times for CSH projects today and the expected accumulated fossil fuel displacement over their lifecycle

Localización: No aplica

Ciudad (Pais): Online (Online)

Página web: http://bit.ly/2wDongm

E-mail para más información: Araceli.gineratainsights.com

Teléfono: +34 673208672

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